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In order of ranking:

1. Imp Agent - Already been said a million times. Mostly comes down to phenomenal writing
2. Sith Inq - Sort of personal but enjoy the politics/power games, snarky comments/funny jokes, pretending to be crazy, and learning the secrets of the Dark Side. For me Inq was just the absolute best because of these things (besides agent which is just spectacular even if you don't like the class itself or the story premise)
3. Sith War - Sort of boring but its basically a good power trip. Plus if you like fighting lightsaber-wielding foes I think this stry gives you to most besides JK and is slightly better/more fun than JK.
4. Jedi Con - Kinda like Sith Inq but less politics and more Force stuff, only its LS sort of Force stuff rather than DS which is more fun.
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