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I really dislike this reversal. Think about what is going to happen:

players are going to spend a LOT of time in the new FP to get the currency needed to buy all of the schematics. This will result in burnout in some players, leading them to stop playing.

players are going to start leveling biochem on any toon that does not have the other crafting skills so they can use the reusables on those characters. This has two adverse impacts:
  1. players are going to spend a lot of credits to level those skills (great for the overall economy; credits sinks are good, but lousy for the player as each character will require roughly 500k credits (in materials and schematics training; I recently leveled a second BC for conquest so I know) and a few hours of crafting nothing but components that have little to no value (except for conquest)
  2. after the fact, there will be less demand for consumables, pushing biochem back down into the pit of non-profit. At best it will be a credits saver...but one is already in the hole for leveling biochem in the first place so it will take time to in fact see that cost savings.
But the credit sink to train the skill is a one time thing.

This change actually makes losing a credit sink. Less sales on the GTN, which always remove credits. Less diplomacy missions needed, less materials needed, etc. All those are nice way to constantly remove credits from the economy.
The more people swap to Biochem for this, the bigger this negative impact will be.

And adrenals and medpacks are good way to make credits without being involved in any way in end game gearing. Those who don't want to participate in CXP grind in any way can make credits with Biochem. This change will certainly hurt this

Pitty they changed their minds about the reusable. And this time is worse, because the reusable have the same stats as the non reusables. They used to provide lower stats.