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For me it's a psychological thing:
- When I have to replace the (~5k) thing I hesitate to use it, and by then the moment of usefulness is gone.
- When I paid for the ability to use it freely without additional cost (~500k training) I use it with with reckless abandon.

Biochem is basically a stim+adrenal flat rate.

Before they were removed, the reusable stim was just another buff I had to refresh regularly; meanwhile I have learned other crewskills on those chars that had the skill only for the reusables. One of them even switched to cybertech, because I didn't play my cybertech crafter at that time... Now for me the question is whether I should go and relearn Biochem or wait until reusable grenades return (for which the moment of hesitation is usually even more crucial, but Biochem has stims as perma buffs as well as medpacks and adrenals for situational use)

As for hurting GTN sales... Do stims and adrenals actually sell? One biochemist can easily supply your whole legacy, The only time where I would buy the stuff on the GTN is when I have none left in the legacy storage and can't or don't want to log to another char (in a group, too lazy)
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