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Just out of curiosity, why do you want to craft those?

In my opinion, they are not needed leveling wise, you will outlevel them faster than it takes time to collect all the resources and run all missions to get proper mats.

Market on those is not the best as very little people buy sub-max level mods.

In the end you will end up with bunch of schematics you can't remove and no need to craft, and all they'll do will clutter your UI for crafting.

If you have the materials and have the item crafted and waiting for the character to use it at the minimum level requirement, a crafted anything can last that character quite a while. Crafted stuff has a lower level requirement than a similarly rated drop/purchased item. I've given this example before: rating 86 crafted armor requires level 24 and comparable rated gear drops require level 34. Granted, if you are grossly over leveling content then that stat bump does not do you a lot of good (e.g. being level 24 on coruscant or dromund kaas) because of level sync.
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