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So glad to see the new schematics for biochem on Odessa, I really hope to see the missing level 10 schematics for the other crafting professions - cybertech.
I really dislike this reversal. Think about what is going to happen:

players are going to spend a LOT of time in the new FP to get the currency needed to buy all of the schematics. This will result in burnout in some players, leading them to stop playing.

players are going to start leveling biochem on any toon that does not have the other crafting skills so they can use the reusables on those characters. This has two adverse impacts:
  1. players are going to spend a lot of credits to level those skills (great for the overall economy; credits sinks are good, but lousy for the player as each character will require roughly 500k credits (in materials and schematics training; I recently leveled a second BC for conquest so I know) and a few hours of crafting nothing but components that have little to no value (except for conquest)
  2. after the fact, there will be less demand for consumables, pushing biochem back down into the pit of non-profit. At best it will be a credits saver...but one is already in the hole for leveling biochem in the first place so it will take time to in fact see that cost savings.

Assuming one does not have a biochem to craft with, and therefore buys off the GTN, one can buy a lot of stims and adrenals for what it costs to level biochem to use the reusables. And if one does have *A* biochem, the cost to craft stims and adrenals is shockingly low: ~3k per unit (WITHOUT CRITS: 13600 per crafting of 4 stims or 3400 a piece; and 13800 per crafting of 6 adrenals or 2300 a piece)

The only players/characters this change really benefits are:
  1. those who switch specs often and change stims (tank to DPS, heals to DPS [if one uses proficient stim in dps spec], PvE to PVP DPS switch [again assuming PvE uses proficient and PvP uses versatile], etc)
  2. those who use adrenals all but on cooldown (VM/HM, MM/NiM Ops DPSers)

For everyone else, IMO save your time and credits and just keep using consumables.
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