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08.25.2017 , 01:13 PM | #27
The opening poster is correct, I sell on Harbinger and I have been in a race to the bottom with at least one individual that I caught attempting to manipulate mat prices, then induce headfakes/prices surges - He'd push gear pricing lower and lower, then buy up all isotopes so that smaller sellers would be cost-inhibited to craft more as he then bought up all the gear and resold at 5X the price.

I played him by using his strategy to my advantage via a handful of alts selling mats high while buying low on my main seller, he was doing the same thing every night at around the same time, prime time, when buying surges.

This went on for over a month, finally he whispered me, threatened he'd push prices so low I'll go broke, that he has "hundreds of billions in credits" at his disposal ( cap for subs, 4.3 bil?)

He also boasted that he resells the cheaper priced Harbinger gear on other servers, tried to convince me to sell to him direct.

At this point, I copy/pasted his name & filed a ticket, which as we all know, is farting in the wind.

Solution, stop allowing resellers, only the maker's legacy should be allowed to sell/resell gear crafted by alts within that legacy, - reality : nothing will be done.

Harbinger exemplifies why Bioware does as little as possible until it's too late, a single guild has exploited Conquest for over a year by exploiting the fact that removed members' conquest points remain, allowing them to continually remove/replace alts & stack points on every planet every week.

They've ignored that cheat for at least a year, despite whole guilds leaving the game, so I highly doubt this'll get their attention.