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Heck the math might work out that buying the mats for more than they sell the crafted goods for still means more credits long term from crits. I don't know the math as I haven't crafted in over a year for profit so someone else could work out how profitable this might be.
I think there are too many who do not realize how cheaply one can in fact craft anything. Excluding anything with exotic materials, the most expensive stuff to craft is:
  • ear pieces
  • implants
  • relics
  • Augmentation slot kits

BUT they still only cost 35k to craft. So if someone sells at 37500, even after the GTN cut there is still 0.7% profit, and left side pieces average 65k while slot kits average 80k. So if someone happens to sell at 50k or 60k one might think they are taking a loss, when in fact they are not.

Even including Exotic materials, again I think too many players would be surprised how depressed the value is. Last time I checked on the Harbinger Strategic Resource Matrix (SRM; personal conquest goal material) was posted at 65k each...and every ear piece, implant and relic end game schematic requires SRM (if there is one I have yet to find it and even if it exists it is more likely a glitch than reality) not Void Matter Catalyst (VMC, acquired through Ops and randomly by PvP mission completion: daily and weekly). And even VMC are relatively low value at 450k.

Conquest and Galactic Command have done their job: encourage participation in a variety of activities. The unintended consequence though is that there are more exotic materials in the supply line.
  • More players completing the GF Op of the Day, means an average of 5 VMC for each op run.
  • More players completing the PvP daily and weekly on multiple characters means more chances to get VMC
  • More players running FPs for conquest and the weekly means more chances at Refined isotope Stabilizer (RIS)

The point is that I could make 50 pieces of anything I wanted to tomorrow and profit.
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