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Long ago, I witnessed one "glitch".
Someone at Harbinger who was sending out gold seller spam gave in a single chat line a tip to someone else for cfrafting high valuable material. It sounded as if he knew a lot about crafting high-end materials.

That was a year ago and I don't remember anymore whether I took a screenshot of it or not.
But it led me into believing that crafting high-valuable materials can be an income for gold sellers.
Anything can become income for gold sellers. Buying low on the GTN for CM items and reselling later. It's manual work but point is anything that makes people credits can make them cash.

Also they don't even necessarily need be a direct gold seller but a seller to the spammers themselves.

The thing people need to remember is of course gold sellers craft/gather to make cash, it should come as no surprise. They can easily automate the process and the manual steps are selling the results and ensuring mats are on the toons that craft.

The thing is this doesn't mean every person selling low is a gold seller, if there were some simple method of getting the mats (which you can't craft without) then you would see the mat prices tumble super low (as we have in the past with dupe exploits) and so they are just selling at a loss banking on making more credits from the crits than selling the mats themselves.

Heck the math might work out that buying the mats for more than they sell the crafted goods for still means more credits long term from crits. I don't know the math as I haven't crafted in over a year for profit so someone else could work out how profitable this might be.