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08.19.2017 , 03:45 PM | #1

There is one video on youtube i think from sort of new Battlefront [2015] [?]. {video might have wrong name}.
The grafics are nice,but not important,becoz important is what the player can do with starfighter in that mentioned video comparing to star fighter in swtor,it is very sad comparisson,not even sure the games are comparable ...

First the guy have inside view from starfighter,[not necessary for swtor]. But the jump into light speed,atleast that could be improved and be litle longer.
And mainly player can go on selective star fighter missions,with short briefing over radio,not yet on battlefield area.

Ps: I hate VR,specialy Vr Gogles,definetly something swtor dont need it,but after see that video,iam sort of out of balance.I guess someone should drag some people out of battlefront 2 [2017?] after they do complete it,and get them some work on something for swtor,becoz it seems swtor going on low budget maintenance mode.