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I wasn't saying to quit crafting - simply to look at it from a different perspective.

If you look at crafting primarily as a means of income you're bound to be frustrated. However, as a "supplemental" income it's a lot less frustrating and that's basically just changing a state of mind.

I am of two minds on this: on the one hand, crafting IS my primary source of income; for me all other income streams are a bonus and never come close to my crafting income. That said, I have been working crafting for 5 years in this game. On the other hand, like I just said, I have been working crafting for five years, so I know all the tricks. Someone just starting out and wanting crafting to be their primary revenue stream is going to feel underwhelmed.


Now, I'm not familiar with all the new gear tiers, but just as the BIS (Best in Slot) gear could not be crafted, I would assume that's essentially the case now. Now that the best gear available no longer requires operation drops, I think it would be safe to assume the end game market takes a hit.

Yes, as always the best gear available is not craftable. But they have added a wrinkle in that each tier has craftable and non-craftable and the non-craftable is slightly better stats:

Tier 1: 230 all craftable
Tier 2: 234 craftable 236 not craftable
Tier 3: 240 craftable 242 not craftable
Tier 4: 246 craftable 248 not craftable.

Add to that, that the left side pieces (ear, implant, relic) are not optimized (higher endurance, lower power)

And while it is true that one can get rating 248 (BiS) gear without ever setting foot in large group content (operations or PvP), the rate at which 248 stuff drops from command crates is quite low; on average it takes hundreds of tier 4 command crates to get a full set of 248 for one character.

There's nothing wrong in enjoying crafting. But, you also have to keep realistic expectations. If people are selling en-masse crafted items for less than the general value of the crafting mats - trying to compete with them only ruins your bottom line. Sometimes you have to make an extra effort to find a niche market with little competition and a decent bit of demand.

Could not agree more. Which is why for the most part, I stay away from crafting end game stuff for profit. Most of what I craft for profit is 228 (bottom rung/entry level end game) or lower. I have a lot of end game schematics but I usually only craft them for myself or friends/guildies.
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I would say that the most overlooked cost (or undervalued) is that of time. When people sell a crafted item for less than the crafting mat value where they think their mats are "free" I see them undervaluing their time spent to get them. I think people are usually aware of the upfront costs - it's a lot more practical to simply buy from crafters versus building up the craft skills and getting the necessary schematics if you only need a handful of items. If you've got alts galore, crafting can save time and offer convenience.
ABSOLUTELY!!! Whenever I read the phrase "but mats are free" I cringe.

In MMOs currency and time are interchangeable resources: spend credits save time, spend time save credits; your time has value. Don't sell yourself short.
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