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I've been crafting for a long time. I started with having 6 characters, one of each craft type. Over time I added 16 more characters, each having 3 crew skills. As of now, I have 22 Level 70 characters all with Rank 50 companions and their respective crafting and crew skills at 600. Yes, it took a long time to get all of my characters' companions to Rank 50 but it is worth the time and credits invested. I also keep stacks of components and materials in my Legacy Bank with each Quality type having its own page. Using three of the six pages for just crafting materials takes up a lot of space but I keep it organized.

Below is a list to show how I broke down the gathering crew skills between all 22 characters.

Archaeology: 6
Bioanalysis: 8
Diplomacy: 4
Investigation: 4
Scavenging: 8
Slicing: 16
Treasure Hunting: 8
Underworld: 6

The Slicing crew skill is dominant due to the fact that a lot of items use Slicing materials now, both Blue and Purple.

It's a lot of work, time, and credits to get a crafting setup like I have but I think it's worth it. I finally finished collecting all of the Galactic Command Tier I schematics, so now it's time to work on Tier II. Yay for GC grinding right? *lol*