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Like others have said, I don't believe it's "gold sellers" that have gotten into the crafting scene; just "whales". The most likely scenario is that people are transferring their crafting toons between servers to check prices etc while leaving their bank / GTN toon on the home server whichever that maybe. That is just the state of things given how cheap server transfers are; nothing that can be done about that.

*edit: As a side note, crafting is definitely still a highly profitable venture but does require a significant upfront cost, a fact that most people overlook, which will naturally deter new people from entering the market. It's simple economics.
I would say that the most overlooked cost (or undervalued) is that of time. When people sell a crafted item for less than the crafting mat value where they think their mats are "free" I see them undervaluing their time spent to get them. I think people are usually aware of the upfront costs - it's a lot more practical to simply buy from crafters versus building up the craft skills and getting the necessary schematics if you only need a handful of items. If you've got alts galore, crafting can save time and offer convenience.
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