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No need to come in here and Reiyn on the parade here pal,

Sounds like a great idea. Any way to utilize excess fleet requisition or transfer it back into the rest of the game in some fashion gets a big thumbs up from me.
Just because its more negative doesn't negate the fact that its still feedback. Sometimes you need to hear an opposing view to help weigh negatives and positives. For example some players don't like pvp in any shape or form and don't want anything to do with it (ala earning 4x/pierce through pvp). Having an SH directly linked to GSF participation would fall into that category.

I didn't even think it was a bad idea, just something the lines of wishful thinking. Right now my Nar Shadaa bottom floor is a showroom of GSF ship types. Would I pay for a GSF oriented SH - pretty likely. But I also accept the fact that the small size of the GSF community means it has no real clout in the dev cycle. Part of me was hoping to come back to legacy hangars, but at least it was mentioned. (And I also remember buffing strikes mentioned and we know how that turned out).
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