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I wasn't saying to quit crafting - simply to look at it from a different perspective.

If you look at crafting primarily as a means of income you're bound to be frustrated. However, as a "supplemental" income it's a lot less frustrating and that's basically just changing a state of mind.

I've crafted since my first day subbed (when I was subbed) and never completely stopped. In 4.0 I made quite the effort to be able to craft 220 implants and relics because they were far more rare and I preferred to pick the name it was crafted by. 224 was the absolute best available and was not craftable but wasn't a massive step up from the 220 standard.

Now, I'm not familiar with all the new gear tiers, but just as the BIS (Best in Slot) gear could not be crafted, I would assume that's essentially the case now. Now that the best gear available no longer requires operation drops, I think it would be safe to assume the end game market takes a hit.

There's nothing wrong in enjoying crafting. But, you also have to keep realistic expectations. If people are selling en-masse crafted items for less than the general value of the crafting mats - trying to compete with them only ruins your bottom line. Sometimes you have to make an extra effort to find a niche market with little competition and a decent bit of demand.
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