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When I activated a 7 day sub the first thing I purchased was the manaan sh and all the expansions - talk about disappointed! For nearly 8 mil I haven't bothered to throw a single deco in it yet.

As someone who has completed a lot of conquest across multiple alts (note there are a bit more than listed in sig) it wouldn't be worth the dev time. Manaan should have been the coolest sh but the underwater observatory is a joke.

Given they cannot dedicate the resources to fix a 3.0 bug that's still very irritating (and very detrimental if you aren't aware of it) I just don't see the development willing to do so unless its a guaranteed money maker - given that GSF proved so unpopular they took it out of the cartel market, hopes of implementing new GSF based features are likely to never come to fruition. For example, probably well over a year ago they asked how they could improve strikefighters. Plenty of feedback was given, but nothing about strike fighters was ever changed.
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