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Any chance these are just whales playing the market?

Some players religiously watch GTN prices on on all the servers, and if one high end item is selling for a lot less on one they'll buy up, transfer to the server where it is listed high, and sell there.
Which is exactly why I only craft for myself and good friends anymore. I hardly ever sell pieces - and most definitively valuable pieces - anymore.

I'm so sick of this already - but that's just how capitalism works.

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I play on Begeren Colony and I have seen players selling items that have had their name completely removed. When you see an item that has had the crafter's name removed, that means that the item was bought on another server and then transferred to another server.
The name can get removed in another situation, too : A very good friend of mine did craft a piece for me - and a while after that she transferred that character to another server (she has her multitude of characters & legacies spread over several servers, but a thing she almost never does is crafting).

Well, the name on the item got removed. I do still know it is from her because she hardly ever produces things, as far as I know, and only her friends, and this particular piece was something I had asked her for a few years ago, because i couldn't produce it.

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I didn't do it to resell the items, but if I had wanted to, I could have easily tripled my investment. That's basically what is going on but it doesn't mean they are selling credits and nothing they are doing is against the rules. If a person can buy 100M worth of items and resell them for 300M for only 180CC (90CC per transfer) then they are going to do it and there's really nothing that can be done about it.
And this is exactly hoe capitalism works. Which is why I'm watching the economy a bit as an aquarium to see how all this works. It is very interesting, how the rules reapply themselves all again - and that apparingly no matter which MMO, which says to me that people are all the same.
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