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08.16.2017 , 04:43 AM | #11
Interesting comments. Are you suggesting that i give up crafting? An aspect of mmo's i have always enjoyed? You statements seem to try to discourage players from investing time in crafting due to the minimal profit margins. If crafting end game wares wasnt so profitable then why would potential gold farmers waste their time attempting to dominate the market?

Ive made a fair share of credits crafting these wares and selling them with legitinate competitors which i enjoy competing with. I work full time in real life, i cannot play 24/7 so i cannot attempt to "control" the market, nor would i want to. No fun without competition...It has afforded me the ability to avoid spending real dollars on gamble packs for difficult to get items which is another aspect of the game i enjoy (space barbie). Allowing gold farmers to control this aspect of the game force people like me to feel as though we are being corralled into either buying credits from these 3rd party site, risking rule violations or buying gamble packs for a dismal chance.of getting items we are interested in.

I wont do either.

I am a fan of star wars. I enjoy this game. However, i will not be pressured into spending more than my monthly subscriber cost by either Bioware or the gold farmers. In the end, like many for more reasons than my own, if the game is no longer enjoyable....well....


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