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Trooper is OK, though I like having super high influence companions on the light side which means many gifts for less popular toons, it's kind of a bit too "REPUBLIC SUPERHERO!!!" for my liking. Just started chapter 3, which I imagine will be leading to the most tedious planets in the galaxy.

Sith Warrior kind of tailed off. Build up, here's Baras! Bye, enjoy Makeb!

I've got to chapter 3 of BH and it's not seemed overly cohesive or interesting throughout.......that and I'm on Belsavis with a trip to ******* Corellia after that I expect. At least I don't feel compelled to repeat the gosh darn planetaries this time.

I'm saving agent for later, apparently that one is the best.

Inquisitor is next. Can't make up my mind whether to do Sin or Sorc though. All i know is it will be Togruta, seeing as I spent 600 coins I didn't actually pay for on it.

I imagine the Jedi will be frightfully dull, Jedi always are.
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