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All of those Arguments are events depicted in the Moves - Epiosdes 1 - 6 . You did mentioned the BrotherHood of Darkness ... but not a good way in how it was used.

You do realize that the Events in the Movies was the Republic at it's worse, right ? Even the Mandalorians claim that the Jedi are the most worthy Opponent - not the Sith. Even if so ... its kinda hard to compare the 2 tbh - the Sith would be too busy trying to kill themselves while the Jedi can just watch
I mentioned that The brotherhood was defeated and that was it, not how or why. And yes I did sum up the Republic WHEN IT WAS AT ITS WORST beacuse that was the whole point of that ridicoulusly long post. To sum up what the Republic and the Jedi had been reduced to. That is the enire point of these threads I spit out with regular intervals despite that I never get any answers (none that mekes any sence anyway).

Why is it that every movie-hyped person can never give me an answer with any kind of facts or good reasoning behind it?
Get some discusion going here, I paint a giant bullseye one my digital back and ask you to explain why the characters in the last days of the republic is not half-wits with the deductive reasoning of a cockroach and the only thing I get is a few hastily put together sentences that does not make any sence whatsoever.

Anakinj is a wimp, Obi-wan is a lobotomized catholic scholl principal who can not see his students problems even when they are stuffed up his nose and Yoda could not have any less atachement to the reality of the galaxy left if he had spent the last 100 years smoking Deathsticks.