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08.15.2017 , 05:33 AM | #6
Like i indicated in my initial post, i do not know for sure that these players are facilitating selling credits from a credit selling site. Their activity is very suspicious. Is it possible these players are true players? That is possible. I would be surprised if a legitamite player goes through the trouble of crafting dozens upon dozens of end game crafted wares, transfers to other servers just to sell them. Again i could be surprised.

These players, and on my server we have recently had about 3-4 pop up, all have the same or similar pattern. Level 1 characters tucked away on nar shadda, crafted items hiding the identity of their makers. One strange thing ive noticed also is that they have yet to compete with each other.

Also, you can report them. Whether or not bioware investigates or not is out of players hands. As is our knowledge of what kind of tracking bioware can do to figure these players out. And of course how well they have concealed their activities, which, it appears they have gone to great lengths to do.

Again, it is all suspicious.


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