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I've finished the class story on my Jedi Knight two times over, and there's something that still bugs me to this day. It's the part where Lord Scourge tells the Jedi Knight in a dialogue on board the ship, I believe, that he/she has the heart of a Sith.

Now, my 2nd JK, I could understand that, since he was a Pureblood.

However, I feel that there has to be more to that comment because my first JK was just a Human and most likely raised in the Order. (I haven't fully determined her backstory)

So what would make Lord Scourge tell a LS Jedi Knight that?
He says that not because he is saying that the JK has actual PBS blood in him, but rather because he is like the Sith (the organisation) in some spiritual / mental / etc. kind of way.

The word "Sith" is used for two different things:
* The Pureblood Sith species ("PBS")
* A member of the organisation (I use this word loosely) of Force users that runs the Empire and is opposed to the Jedi Order, no matter what that person's species is.

The second use is derived from the first, but it is definitely separated from it.

Scourge is saying that the JK's behaviour is worthy of a member of the Sith, that is, he is using the word in the second meaning.
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