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08.14.2017 , 09:07 PM | #291
Let me start by saying thank you to the devs for opening up these avenues of discussion regarding GSF. That being said, I don't particularly like the way this thread was opened, I think it pigeon holed responses into a few narrow categories and didn't immediately elicit the information they were looking for. I interpreted this thread more as what outside of ship balance and itemization would make GSF better and more appealing. I have no doubt at least one of these ideas has been suggested already, if not all three, but thought it couldn't hurt to add my support to them. The first is a more comprehensive tutorial. Even allowing additional ship types to be accessed would go a long way in providing new players some experience before diving into the deep end. Secondly, resources not withstanding, and my favorite idea, a custom matchmaking lobby. Allow those who want hypercompetitive matches, stock matches, strike only matches, etc to set them up without having to try to queue sync with four separate groups and without interfering with the traditional matchmaker or interrupting the experience of the casual flyers learning the game. Most pilots I speak with really want competitive matches, win or lose and this would provide and avenue for that. Lastly some free flying open space. Anything that would allow vets to test builds/components or even spend some time teaching without the time or contribution restrictions placed by an actual match would go a long way in furthering the community that many have worked hard to build as well as the overall understanding of the game. As for friction itself, I am probably not the best to comment on that as I am a huge fan of the game mode and am generally queued if I am in game, and nothing has scared me off to this point.