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Recently, at least on my server, there has been a flood of sellers of end game crafted items on the GTN. 246 enhancements, mods, barrels, hilts etc. I've tried to follow these characters as best that I could. I don't know for sure they are gold sellers but the circumstances are very odd. And yes, I craft these wares and it is frustrating to compete with someone that is almost online 24/7 because ...well...making credits to sale is their job.

A few oddities:
First, their wears, and they sell in bulk, all have the identity of the crafter worn off. Indicating either the crafter has been deleted (unlikely) or the items have been transferred from a "base" server to the target server to generate credits to sale.

Second, I've tracked these characters and a lot of the selling characters are level 1 characters hidden away on Nar Shadda (if they read this they will likely change).

I haven't made characters on other servers to see if the same culprits can be identified on other servers but I speculate that they are there.

As I've said, I do not know if these characters are legitimate players or gold sellers. I cannot post their names on the forums without rule violations.

If you speculate the this may be the case, I'm not sure reporting/ sending a ticket will help. I would hope those opposed to these guys would choose not to save the one credit and avoid buying their wares.


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