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All of those Arguments are events depicted in the Moves - Epiosdes 1 - 6 . You did mentioned the BrotherHood of Darkness ... but not a good way in how it was used.

You do realize that the Events in the Movies was the Republic at it's worse, right ? Even the Mandalorians claim that the Jedi are the most worthy Opponent - not the Sith. Even if so ... its kinda hard to compare the 2 tbh - the Sith would be too bust trying to kill themselves while the Jedi can just watch
Which is why I talked about the movies and the clone wars and rebels series and not the games or the books or anything else. My biggest problem with films is that they are said to be when the jedi are at their peak but everything I see in the canoon and legends screams BS. What I really want is a debate were people explain to me why the jedi are supposed to be that. All I get when I post these threads are not answers but dodging commentaries and answers that has nothing to do with the question.
And the Republic is at its worst as you said so no use talking about that.