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In addition to Griefing Self-Destructor I'd add a sub-category, Griefing Inveterate Foodship. I ran into this on Harb last night. The offender started out the match with a few suicides, then switched "tactics" and began (as far as I could tell) autoflying straight into the enemy. This was LS TDM, so the guy was quickly and repeatedly killed by hungry gunships. Died that way at least 10 times. He finished 0-1-17, with 662 damage on 14% shooting...I suppose he accidentally got a couple of shots off at some point.

Make no mistake, it was definitely griefing (as indicated by the post-match banter in /gsf). So, I guess it's actionable, but a little trickier than Griefing Self-Destructor. There's a blurry line somewhere between griefing and halfheartedly trying.

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