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08.01.2017 , 01:18 PM | #10
Not quite a 4th type, but there are a significant number of people who queue and quit the minute you go 3-0 down in dom, or get 2-capped in TDM. - Obviously they don't get any reward ( nor should they), but it leaves a team on the backfoot, even further behind, as they have to battle on with 7v8 ( 11v12) and wait for a back-fill ( if any arrive)

Unless this game gets active moderators or responds quickly to reports, I'm sorry to say that this ( these) situations will continue.

I've seen my fair share of matches turned around by a determined team, won in the last seconds or get so close to victory that it always inspires me to keep trying.... doing my best, pushing my hardest.... Never say 'die!'
-Storm Cutter.
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