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There's three types of players that can ruin your game pretty quick.

The first is the Inveterate Foodship. This player is terrible, he can't hit things, and he dies a lot. He is an active menace to your team: you'd be better off if he left the match. He's trying as best he can, and it's shockingly awful. You might think you were once as bad as him... but you probably weren't.

The second is the AFK Farmer. This player hates that he "has" to GSF, even though he doesn't have to, and he will avoid participating as much as he can. He's not actually AFK- if you try to kick him, he will get in combat or whatever. Since kicking requires everyone to go push buttons as a coordinated team, he's a burden even if you manage to get the kick off.

The third is the Griefing Self Destructor. This player hates his team, and crashes into rocks as much as possible in TDM to throw the game.

In theory, the latter two are actionable- these actions are against the ToS, and players can be temp or even perma banned for them. The issue is that you can't tell the second from the first with any automated method, and so the second type of player generally persists unless everyone constantly spams reports on him, which is really very rare. Bioware doesn't want to accidentally ban an Inveterate Foodship just to clean up AFK Farmers (nor would we players generally want a potential new GSFer to get in trouble just because they are magnificently terrible), so in practice both do their things.

This thread is about that third type of player, and in general, if everyone reports that guy, eventually he will be actioned. This seems to take longer than it used to, and based on other complaints on other forums, I think that's sort of true of other PvP bad-behavers. But it is not allowed to SD repeatedly for the purposes of throwing matches, so keep spamming reports against those guys when you find them.

Long term, I'd like to see something that scales up respawns on players who die immediately in TDM (in Dom this behavior rarely matters) to prevent this from being as big of an issue as it is now- ultimately this player needs to be actioned by a GM, but it would be great if, in the span of time between the player beginning malicious action and a GM ending it, the player would have less influence over matches.
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