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07.31.2017 , 06:50 AM | #15
Reducing the amount of RNG would also be nice. Some suggestions for that:

Remove accuracy boni from crew members and increase base accuracy. We'll have an actual choice which crew members to pick then.

Change railgun mechanics: instead of charging it up, then swiping over a target and going boom with aim correction, make them lock on with actual aiming. Your chance of hitting starts at 0% and slowly increases to 100%, while you keep your enemy in focus.

Tie evasion to actual movement. If you're boosting at full speed, you get your full evasion. If you're sniping or ticking, your evasion is 0%. Alternatively make evasion a spamable active ability like the singleplayer space missions' barrel roll.

Remove critical hits. Whether you're being one-shot by a gunship or a scout, it's frustrating. Knowing that part of it is just dumb luck, that's worse. At least the damage boost power-ups give you a fair warning. Crits are just random and meh.

Make bombers take damage from their own mines. You want to reward smart and active bomber pilots, not the ones going afk in a stack of mines and drones. On that note, complement mines with timed bombs to support the more active play style.

Completely unrelated: add permanent buff auras to strike fighters. Every wingman makes you stronger, rewarding people for flying in formation and picking diverse setups, adding a new role to the game and introducing a new bane to scouts.

And please fix the annoying queue bug that randomly sends you to a warzone when you queue for a gsf match and/or change the popup description from a generic "PvP" to "GSF", so at least we know what we're getting into, when it pops.