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07.28.2017 , 11:20 AM | #25
Had a nice match half an hour ago. Concussions ftw.

Coryak (Caravix) - FT-6 Pike - T3-M4 - 20 Kills

So sad, that I haven't started with Pike, but with Flashfire to cap the first sats. Overall 24 kills, 8 Assists and 82062 Damage.


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A domination match some months ago:

Caravix - SGS-45 Quarrel - Infinitas - T3-M4 - 20 Kills

Caravix - SGS-45 Quarrel - Infinitas - T3-M4 - 20 Kill Streak
I accidently swapped the modes here. Of course, this was TDM. I would appreciate to see those numbers added.
Infinitas Coryak - Tulak Hord Nox
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