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07.28.2017 , 12:44 AM | #23
After much waiting, I've rolled out the first major update to the records. Up top, you'll find the old-style posted records present in their freshened up form, along with access to the new Main GSF Record Books, split by game mode, in post #2. Any future updates to the thread will be to both of these record-keeping sources in parallel. As stated earlier, the main books have all available--and qualifying--records, split up by overall game mode, then ship class, then ship type. For the old forum posts, they are as they were in the past: 1 individual per category, for a top 5 per category (allowing for ties).

Let me know how everything looks. If you see a mistake, feel free to scream at me, either here or on Discord (@plasticx). Also let me know if you still derive use from the old forum post-style entries. If not, I can ditch those and focus on just the spreadsheets.

Regarding the current records: if the books, for as vast as they are, look a little empty, well...they are. Of the 327 unique categories (I may have miscounted, sue me) available, roughly 250 lack even 1 submission. This is what we have so far. Over the first month of this thread's existence, I had a little over 100 records sent my way. Compare that to the rolling out of the original 2.8 thread three years ago, during which almost 420 records were sent in the first 30 days. Interpret that as you like.

After discussion with several people looking to post, I feel it's necessary to point out that this is a new record book. The old records are just that: old. If you feel that a game shouldn't be submitted due to its not holding up to the records of the 2.8 thread, ask yourself one question: is this the 2.8 thread?

You know the answer to that.

If your hangup is, "this doesn't hold up to my personal standards," can submit it anyway, and break it later. Your choice.

Shifting gears, I've made a slight adjustment to the submission syntax, which you'll no doubt see in the posts and the books: earlier, I had you submitting records on alts as writing your alt out first, then putting your main name in parentheses. I've reversed that: you'll now be entering your Main Name first, followed by your Alt in parentheses. The OP has been amended to reflect this. One thing I noticed in putting the books together over the past few weeks was how cluttered it looked in the names column when alt names went first. It also looked a bit disingenuous--if you went by just what was outside the parentheses, it looked like the individual record categories were populated by more individual pilots than actually were there. This fixes that.

As for future updates, now that the main books are out, updates can roll out as posts come in.

That's all I have for you now. Carry on.