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07.27.2017 , 08:30 AM | #181
Game designed is working perfect for directing many to do what is right in the game. After you started a new character at level 1 and you never see the CXP happen until your character reach level 70. Only CXP becomes available for level 70. Stay on your Class story and planet story is a option to level up before get back with class story plus heroics 2 match your level character. Game never put folks in risk.

What their saying is do not put your low level character in risk to join a level 70 player group on a CXP mission inside operation, flash points and World Boss on planets is not made for your low level character.

This mostly happen often in the player group beef up other players with low level characters after join their Guild:
Never ask no one and other players over your level to go inside your class story that make you a joke.

This happens outside of TOS when a Big Boy Criminal Guilds sent a invite without asking and gave you guild master after the old guild master left the guild to throw all your time and credits to open all the rooms and decorated before take it way without knowing what's going on could been come back without known.

Best to Solo with your own companions and be your own BOSS.