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I've only played through Inquisitor and almost completed Warrior. Not sure what class to go through next. any suggestions on what class has the better story?
The one you like the story of better.

Sorry I can't be more precise, but I'm not you (and in fact, nobody else here is either), so I don't know what sort of stories you like.

* The Jedi Knight story is cited as classic epic Olde Skool Star Wars, liberally laced with gross stupidity.
* The Jedi Consular story begins with a really epic starter world mission series, then devolves into a great deal of diplomacy that I found really heavy going. (So much so that it took me three years to drag my first character through her class story.)
* The Trooper story is a reasonably good war story, if you like war stories, and has one of the most stress-inducing moral choices in the game. I liked it.
* The Smuggler story is OK, I guess. A healthy dose of betrayal and backstabbing give it a bit of zing, but it isn't exactly Star Wars, except that it did feature some Jedi and some Sith. (The story's plot wouldn't be out of place, aside from the lightsabres and Force manipulations, in a novel set in a series of Third World hellholes and written by, say, Frederick Forsyth.)
* The Sith Inquisitor story you're already familiar with. It's one of my favourites.
* The Sith Warrior story drags excessively for my taste in a few places, but there's an excellent twist between Chapters Two and Three.
* The Bounty Hunter story's main problem is that it drags a bit. It allows you to explore the culture of the Mandalorians a bit, but it felt a bit disconnected in places.
* I've saved the Imperial Agent story for last because my analysis runs counter to the general flow of opinion. That is, I didn't like it. See the spoiler box below if you want more information, but the contents are liable to be spoilerish, and go on for some time. (That can be read as suggesting that I'm conflicted about it, I suppose, and that would be an accurate analysis.)
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