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12.13.2011 , 06:29 PM | #12
I've seen alot of negetivity towards Bioware today. Granted, I woke up early and followed the forums/checked email/followed on Twitter to see if I could get in and when the last wave hit. I didn't make it but eh, no big deal. Theres always tomorrow people, stop acting like its Armageddon. Besides, their announcement says UP to 5 days early and today was ( do the math) 7 days early. NOONE was guaranteed. I think its pretty awesome of Bioware to open up 2 days early to get things flowing a little sooner. I'll be doing the same tomorrow as I did today...Watching everything like a hawk. Aaaaaaaand, if I don't get in tomorrow either? Guess I'll watch season 2 of The Big Bang Theory

Don't stress it people, you WILL get in..give it time!!
"Here we are now, entertain us..."