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A good day to all space-faring folk!

This summer we are going to organize Showing Rookies the Ropes (SRTR) for a second time!

Grouping up
If you don't know, SRTR was an event last year, held on the 27th of August on The Red Eclipse, during which Rookies (players new to GSF) could group up with Veteran players in order to learn GSF. Using in-game groups and Mumble, the Rookies could ask questions and get advice from someone with a lot of experience playing GSF. We are aiming for the same type of event this time, with a few changes give last year's experience.

Differences from last year
While a lot will remain the same compared to last year, we are changing some things in the hope of giving everyone a better experience. First of all: we are shortening our time window to only accomodate European players (the European afternoon and evening), given the lack of interest from American Rookies last year (If anyone wants to do a linked event on an American server on the same day, feel free to send me a message). In addition, we will start off with only four Veterans, and increase this as we get responses from Rookies and other players, to prevent empty groups.
Also, we will limit our advertising time to two weeks, but we will still be advertising on starter planets, Odessen and both fleets as @Eudoxia#5452 recommended to us last year. We are also internally discussing the option of providng a Discord server in addition to the Mumble server that will be provided for communication.
Last but not least we are looking to also have at least a single group flying on the Republic Faction to also accomodate players who only have GSF characters there.

We are looking for experienced GSF players willing to help out Rookies in a group during the event. Just like last year, signing up through the website, of which the address remains unchanged at, is required for Veterans. We also expect all Veterans to be willing to use voice communication, but it's not required if there are not Rookies in the group that want to.

Truly anyone willing to learn about GSF is welcome as a Rookie (though it's not recommended if you have a more than average amount of experience already ). Signing up through the website is preferred (only character name, faction and a short description of your experience with GSF are required), but just like last year it's still allowed to simply show up during the event, then we will try to find you a spot as we go along.

Time and place
We are looking at Saturday August 19 from 2PM to 8PM UTC (4PM to 10PM CEST, 10AM to 4AM CEST) currently. The event will be held on The Red Eclipse server, both factions this time.

Spreading the word
We are looking to start advertising two weeks in advance of the event, both in-game and on the General Discussion forums as well as on Reddit. In-game we are hoping to cover the Fleets, starter planets and Odessen in order to reach as many people as possible. In addition, we will be posting messages in the `/ops` of a GSF game after each match. If you would like to help us out be contacting people on other servers or letting people know within your guild, that would be truly awesome.

What? Showing Rookies the Ropes: grouping up with Veterans to learn GSF
When? Saturday August 19, 2PM to 8PM UTC
Where? The Red Eclipse, both factions
How? Sign-up on

Final thoughts
While the new forum topics opened by Eric Musco on the GSF Forums have opened up a whole range of discussions worth having about the current state of GSF and how it could be fixed, we should not stop doing things to keep GSF up and running (and possibly improve it). This is our small part in that mission. Flying must be fun, for everyone.

The SRTR Organization
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