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It's great to see some developer energy being turned towards GSF! I've been playing since the second beta wave and haven't quit since. I've seen a lot in the thousands of games that I have played, and have a few opinions on things...

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Is the learning curve too steep to get into?
The learning curve is not too steep. The methods by which players can learn, however, are deeply flawed.

I run a YouTube channel called GSF School that exists solely to train players how to play GSF. Your staff even linked to some of my videos in their recent Twitter post. This is an area I have dedicated considerable thought and resource to, because I love the game and want people to be well-informed about how to compete.

There are several large problems players face upon deciding to try GSF.

It is not obvious that there even -is- a tutorial, and when people get to it, the stop-and-read-then-fly nature of it is very offputting. It is a test of patience to push through it when what you are doing is interrupted every few seconds. It doesn't even offer a taste of the other non-scout ship classes, and the scout you are put in is not one players start with. It fails to cover many very important concepts and gives only the barest instruction on key game skills. In a word, it is a failure.

Even when players complete the tutorial, they are tossed into the fire pretty quickly... though how hot the fire is depends on where they are playing. On a high-population server like Harbinger, they stand a decent chance of being pitted against beginning-to-intermediate skill players. On less populous servers, they're tossed in against whoever's queuing, and that can turn out very poorly.

I actually ran an experiment: I made a new character on Harbinger named Stock Ship, and ran fifty matches with him in completely stock, unchanged-from-initial-loadout ships. At that time, what I found was that I actually was not pitted against server veterans aside from two of those matches. Nevertheless, to a new pilot, even minimally skilled enemies can look like aces. If one knows the game, they can compete in zero-upgrade stock ships. Obtaining that knowledge is a barrier for many players. I've done my part to fill in the gaps, but better resources from your team would be exceptionally helpful.

A 'sandbox' map for people to fly around in and practice, either alone or with friends, would be astoundingly helpful and useful for teaching people the game in a non-threatening environment.

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Is ship balance preventing you from playing?
Clearly, nothing (including common sense or the need to lead a productive life) has prevented me from playing but I still have some opinions here. They mirror a lot of what's been said by other veteran pilots, so I'll keep it concise:

Ship balance between scouts, gunships, and bombers is largely fine.

Strike fighters have no role and suffer quite a bit against anyone who knows what they're doing. You guys knew this two years ago when you made the last Dev Pilgrimage here, and nothing has changed since. I'm sure you can refer to that 90 page behemoth of a thread to get some ideas, but "make them hit harder," "make them take a hit better," and "give them options to escape danger" are good starting thoughts.

People who complain about scouts, gunships, and/or bombers being overpowered (and I could cite threads on here where each idea is expressed) do so out of frustration and do not look at the big picture.

It's pretty obvious that the Infiltrator class would have addressed a lot of the issues that exist around weirdly useless components or abilities, but that's probably a windmill to tilt at some other time.

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Are you not playing because you feel GSF needs something new to bring you back in?
New stuff would be great!

I think you could serve both your monetization needs and player desire by offering even more new cosmetic options and cartel ships that duplicate the remaining ship types with no doppleganger. You could even offer more that duplicate ones that already have cartel ships. I know plenty of people who would run three different builds of the Type 2 Scout or Type 1 Gunship.

I'd rather have you fix some of the existing useless/weak components (EMP missile, Ion Missile, Sensor Beacon, Interdiction Drive, etc etc) than add new ones.

A new map for TDM and Domination would be spectacular.

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Matchmaking issues?
The matchmaker itself seems to work pretty well (if not perfectly) when there is a large enough pool of players to draw from. The size of the pool has everything to do with the type of opposition people get tossed in with.

You may note a bunch of threads in this forum complaining about premades. Without delving into the issue too far, let me say that teams of very skilled players would LOVE a way to queue up exclusively against each other that did not involve them getting mixed in with inexperienced players.

Get more players into the matchmaking pool, and enable them to learn the game, and this problem sorts itself out.

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The fact that GSF is character based and not Legacy?
I think cartel ship purchases and cosmetic unlocks should be Legacy-wide. A lot of the long-time veterans have several or even dozens of alts, all of which we fly on. It would be very welcome.


Let me just close by saying that it would be very welcome if you decided to talk a bit with the veteran GSF community directly as well. It is good to get a broad spectrum of viewpoints, but we've thought about all of this stuff, hashed it out, argued it, and otherwise beat these topics to death for a long time.

Thanks for stopping by!

- Despon