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1. The controls are horrible. Anyone who is not used to this type of gameplay will barely be able to fly their ship. When they do try GSF for the first time, they will just flit around like a drunk bubble bee. Then its just BOOM BOOM dead. with no clue where it even came from.

2.There is no way to practice. In the non-GSF part of the game PvE is really a sort of practice for PvP. GSF has no equivalent. It just throws you in the deep end of the pool. There needs to be some sort of PvE version vs npcs. A PvE version also needs different difficulty modes. It needs an easy mode where the npc's hit like wet noodles. It should take the npc's , in the easiest level, to take 30-50 shots to kill a player. In the master level it should be 1-3 shots.

In fact a PvE version of GSF could be a real hit. Imagine a 16 man GSF raid where they have to destroy a few minor capital ships, a shipyard, and some sort of prototype super capital ship.

The potential is there. I just don't think there are the resources to make GSF an active part of the average players gameplay.
You know there's a tutorial, right? It's a bad tutorial, but you can practice flying there if nothing else. Access it by clicking the question mark icon from the hangar window.