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07.06.2017 , 02:43 PM | #23
The thing that most keeps me out of GSF is that it's character based rather than Legacy based.

I've got a billion alts that I play but I don't play GSF with all of them.
So I have to make a choice... do I want to play GSF on character A or something else on character B.
Sure, I could play GSF on character B but that character has no ship upgrades and I really don't feel like grinding another pilot up.

Personally, I wouldn't be disappointed if GSF was turned into some sort of "unified" experience that was pretty much disconnected from the ground game.
I mean, other than faction and companion availability, there's really no connection anyway so it's not really that big of a stretch to conceive of a system that gave us a single point of entry into GSF when we queue rather than basing it on which character we happen to be playing.

So I picture it like this:
We essentially have two "GSF Characters" (one for each faction) that exist separately from our ground characters.
We would have a single hangar with ALL ships that would be shared by the Legacy, though faction-limited in combat.
When we queue, we would have "queue as Imperial" and "queue as Republic" buttons.
Do away with character companion crews in favor of GSF crews (adding new NPCs where necessary) to avoid issues.

Beyond that, all that really needs to be decided is which character gets the various things like XP and conquest points that are earned.
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