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Disclaimer: I am a player that was excited and tried GSF at launch, but quickly stopped playing it. I'm not sure if that means my feedback is more or less important.

The Super Secret Space project was one that I followed closely and I had high expectations for it. When I played it, I had issues that caused me to quickly drop it. I will try to hit all of those pain points. For transparency, I played the space game a lot in another MMO, Star Wars Galaxies, and I heavily enjoyed the PVE and PVP aspects of that space game, so I am no stranger to full XYZ axis PVP play.
  • I expected the controls to be more like a flight simulator and to be able to use a joystick. The control with the mouse was extremely difficult for me, and off-putting. I don't know if I can go back due to this issue alone.
  • When I pick a ship, my job is not clear to me. In the ground game, it is clear that more role is Dmg, Heals, or Tank. In ground game PVP, you can also have objectives, but your understanding of your role helps you to adapt to how you help your team with objectives. I don't understand the ships and their roles, I don't know which ship role I like, nor do I understand how I can leverage a role to help my team with objectives. For the ground game, the entire PVE experience helps you to get set up for that, but GSF does not have that support.
  • I needed something to "ramp up" the learning curve. I was expecting some PVE missions to get the hang of things before hitting PVP. The other space missions did nothing to prepare me for PVP. GSF needs a PVE component, because a noob does not want to go fight against seasoned pros.
  • The legacy issue. I leveled a character in GSF to unlock some ships, but among my 18 toons, I have no idea which one, or if I even deleted that toon. It was a lot of work, and I didn't want to start all over for what seemed like a lot of work.
  • I feel like I always get matched against seasoned veterans, and I can barely fly straight. I feel like I would do my team a favor by not queuing, so someone better than me could be in my spot, because I'm dead weight on my team.

Ultimately, without a PVE component in place to allow me to gain more confidence against AI controlled ships, I don't think I will ever go back to the PVP space game. If GSF space PVE was in place, I would most definitely use it to master a ship and then hit up space PVP.
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