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The biggest deterrent for me is similar to PVP and that's the "gearing" aspect.

I tried it out and just found it really not fun to get annihilated so fast and basically no chance to really learn how to play, it was not enjoyable at all. I found in time this is "just how it is" due to the nature of "gearing/developing your ships" so yet again another, what could be awesome, PVP aspect of the game ruined by game and this was FAR worse than standard PVP - at least you can actually get a bit of a game in during PVP.

I suggest removing any aspect of gearing/ship development that gives stat advantages in GSF if you ever want it to be popular, it's not fun. Find other things for people to look to obtain such as vanity items, currency etc. etc.

Failing that a PVE aspect to GSF would be at least semi helpful to allow us to a) learn how the hell it play it without getting annihilated constantly b) develop the gear we need via the PVE aspect so when we do go into PVP we aren't massively disadvantaged.

I can see some promise with GSF but as a new player it was not fun at all, the grind doesn't seem worth it.
If you want to make money in this game you need to start thinking outside of the box in regards to "but this is how MMOs are" and think "would the everyday, casual player enjoy this?" because very few people are going to sit there for hours, not having fun just to grind to a point where they can have fun - they'll go do something else and I would think your metrics would support the part about people going to do something else (be it within game or leaving game entirely).
You need maybe 30 games to gear a ship right now. I feel like that's more than reasonable. You still need to play CXP if you want to gear up your ground PVP alts, so how is this any different? The power difference between mastered and stock (with the right components) is small, and you need only a few games to get the low tier upgrades. A stock ship can and does perform well in the hands of someone who understands what's going on.

It's not a gearing issue; it's a player issue. Someone who has played six thousand games is going to annihilate someone who has only played two.

With that said, I wouldn't mind making gearing even easier if only to end arguments like this one.