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07.06.2017 , 02:38 PM | #18
Low hanging fruit that could improve things for new players:

1) It's very easy to get disoriented as a new player, especially in death match. Flying straight into the enemy camp while being chased makes you an easy kill.
Solution: Put up waypoint markers on the capital ships, so you can head for one of those when you want to run away towards safety.

2) Gunships should start with max zoom out when going into sniping mode, as that's what everyone normally wants anyway.

3) Put up some defense turrets around one of the satellites in the tutorial, so people can practice how to kill those. Nothing makes you feel bad as a newcomer as when you're free at a node and get killed by the turrets.

4) Newcomers often leave matches with zero medals, especially in death match. The criteria for medals are too high for newcomers, while they're easy to pass for experienced pilots. Add an extra medal level for kills, assists, and damage:
  • 1 kill (this is reason enough to celebrate for a new pilot)
  • 2 assists (doable for most people)
  • 5k damage (still hard for very new pilots, but feels much more reasonable to aim for as a new player than 10k)

Other stuff that's a bit harder to do:

4) Fix mouse sensitivity and make it separately adjustable ingame, so one can play both the regular game and GSF without fiddling with the mouse settings. Without this, a newcomer can't hit the inside of a hangar. Also, make this so you can have reasonable mouse movement when using the free mouse mode.

5) Create a clear "UP" marker in the UI. While there is a leveling key, that doesn't work if you're trying to do something besides flying straight and being a target. Having a clear up indicator solves this.

6) Make it possible for people to load into all of the maps to have a look around. Newbies are very disadvantaged in that they don't find their way around the map. Also, make it possible for them to load in with their own ships. It's fine if there's nothing but a bunch of turrets around the satellite, and all the deathmatch powerup locations filled.

7) In deathmatch, have capital ships power up their guns for the losing team when they're enough behind (5-10 kills or so), and make an ops announcment about it. When it's more even, they power down again. (This is to prevent spawn camping.)

8) Newcomers spend very much time dying, being shot at, and running away from people chasing them. Neither of this is considered contributing, even if I keep 5 people busy shooting at me so my team can cap, if I don't hit anybody else. Make it so being hit and being targeted for missile lock counts as contributing.

9) Make it possible to make buffs and debuffs much bigger in the UI, so it's easier to notice them. (Max size possible in interface editor is still too small.)

10) I don't know if it currently is showing in any way, but it would be good if evasion showed around the ship in some way. If it does, it's not clear enough to be noticed. (And the "evaded" flytext suggestion from above is a good idea too.)