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07.06.2017 , 02:35 PM | #17
Hi there,

I'm a Founder player who plays all aspects of the game.

I am always the guy at the bottom of the GSF leaderboard (yeah I know - I'm sorry). I'm so bad at it I even get reminders that unless I participate I will be removed from the game!! Despite this I have completed about 50 games since its launch and have won half of them (sorry I've been successfully carried in half of them).

In no other part of SWTOR do I feel so useless and I enjoy most of it most of the time.

I feel, like others, that the tutorial provided is completely inadequate. I have at times gone to Youtube in seach of fan help - but this should not be the way forward.

To me, this part of the game feels so removed from the rest of the game in terms of the demands put on your ability that it should be a separate stand alone game. I'll put it this way: If Battlefront was to be incorporated into this game as the PVP module I would feel more at home with that than I do with this fighter pilot simulator.

I feel that if GSF is to be continued, it needs to be dumbed down (for want of a better term) considerably to accommodate and encourage your average player to participate. This might not please those who are hardcore at it but I would counter that argument and say that you don't see everyone being forced to do ranked pvp as the only option in PVP or Nightmare Mode ops in PVE content.

I applaud the efforts to have a space battle module but I think that this is way too tough on most people who give it a look and then walk (or fly) away.

I look forward to see how you resolve the problems within GSF and thank you for reading how THAT guy who is bottom of the leaderboard feels.