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Galactic Starfighter, like all group content, is a system that we want to see being used by as many players as possible.
I don't exactly agree with this statement, philosophically. I think that, to a certain extent, quality > quantity. I think that a quality game experience would attract more people and the quantity issue would be somewhat self-correcting. This goes beyond GSF, especially for me. I've actually never tried GSF. I'll detail why below.

Since GSF came out later in the game's development, it never gained traction for me. I think the biggest friction point is that I want to play my characters, not so much play a ship. Does that make sense? I can't really progress my character's gear. If GSF progression is different from ops or PvP gear progression, I don't really see the point. GSF becomes more of a distraction than anything. Flying in a ship, one character is the same as another. There are no different classes with different abilities to keep me interested (I'm an altoholic).

At this point, knowing full well that there is a ship progression in GSF, I really don't want to start another separate grind. I don't even have enough game time as it is right now to do the existing Galactic Command grind to my satisfaction.

I think you can get Unassembled Components from GSF now, right? That adds a little incentive, but I'd much rather run warzones to the same result. Why go in with a noobie ship and get blown away with my limited time when I can go into a warzone and have some decent gear, have knowledge and experience with what I am doing?

EDIT: Woah, there are actual GSF forums?! I had no idea!! This is my first post in here, just saw this in dev tracker.
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