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Hey folks,

Here are some things to consider to get the conversation started:
  • Is the learning curve too steep to get into?
  • Is ship balance preventing you from playing?
  • Are you not playing because you feel GSF needs something new to bring you back in?
  • Matchmaking issues?
  • The fact that GSF is character based and not Legacy?

Let us know your thoughts!

1. I personally feel that it's hard to jump into because I know I'm going to get decimated by GSF vets, not so much because of the learning curve but because newbie ships are considerably weaker than the established ones. It's not exactly fun going into a match knowing you're going to lose beforehand. I'm not saying nerf this or that. The ship requisition from the new conquest mission was a nice start in the right direction to get new pilots into a competitive ship faster. Just need a little bit more of that so new pilots can be competitive faster. Also, the tutorial could be improved upon because it really doesn't teach anything but how to click and shoot.

2. No idea about this one, but I know there's a plethora of threads in the GSF subforum about ship balance that could be looked at.

3. I'm not playing GSF because of the gap between new and vet players to GSF, and the fact that I never know when to que because it seems like it only pops when there's some kind of coordination before hand.

4. The only matchmaking issue I know of is a lack of players interested in GSF.

5. Incorporating the legacy system more into the game is always a welcomed idea. Turning Fleet Rec into a legacy pool that can be converted into Ship Rec for individual characters would be a great idea.

6. Not mentioned, but having most of the ship customizations locked behind cartel coins is a huge turnoff as well. Adding a Credit option to getting the ship customizations would be a nice addition.
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