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Your questions are kinda for non-players. As someone who waited for this part of the game (and largely bought the game because it was announced pre-launch, and have been happily subscribed since it came out), my responses won't really be typical.

Is the learning curve too steep to get into?
No. But it does help if you've had experience with other arcade flight/space sims. The three-space combat is unique and it is not simple or forgiving. IMO it is the best part about SWTOR though, by quite a bit.

Is ship balance preventing you from playing?
Not me, obviously, but ship balance is an issue that discourages some people. In the span of a few months, we've had threads decrying strikes being too good, missiles being too good, railguns being too good, scouts being too good, mines being too good. Fishing through this as a dev has gotta be a mess. Generally, three of the four ship types have jobs.

Ultimately, the biggest burst things in the game are what players will be discouraged by. A burst/pods type 2 scout can end the life of even the highest health bomber in mere seconds. A railsniper can end most ships in two connecting shots, the first of which requires high situational awareness to see coming (and a new player will not have that situational awareness, nor does the reasonably pinched view of the UI help you in any way when a railshot is charging). A bomber can deny a node or require you to do a wild dance to get into it safely, requiring a huge amount of skill.

I think these things discourage players more than the fact that strikes are severely underpowered, though that is definitely an issue.

Are you not playing because you feel GSF needs something new to bring you back in?
Some hardcore players would return immediately if active development resumed, based on discussions with them out of game. I play whenever my team plays, and sometimes solo. I just don't know if you'd see huge numbers return.

Matchmaking issues?
Cross server when?

I get it, that's not the question. But what should matchmaker do better? It seems to mostly work on Harbinger. Before we left Bastion, it was terrible over there. The difference is that Harb usually has enough players to make two games during most times, and sometimes many many more. The matchmaking doesn't seem smart, but I'm not sure if this is the matchmaker. Obviously, cross faction could probably give you more to work with here, I dunno.

The fact that GSF is character based and not Legacy?
I really like that it is character based, honestly. But you could definitely have some legacy hooks. I'll let those more passionate about this deliver their invectives about how it is totes needed, but I'll add this: it feels really odd that I can't unlock naked versions of cartel ships without rebuying them for each character. Given that the cartel ships only offer the ability to stack a second version of some ships, this seems odd. It also seems odd that the type 2 gunship is not available from the GUI, but whatever.
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