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I play GSF very rarely, on average maybe 0-2 matches a week. When GSF first came out, I was pretty good at it, often getting some MVP medals, but over the months, other players got better than me and once bombers were released, I lost interest because I did not want to invest that much time to figure out how to optimize my loadout.

When 5.2 came out, I played a lot of GSF (completing the daily every day) but I do admit that I hated every second of it. I only did it for tokens so I could upgrade my gear and not handicap my raid group for Tyth.
I hated it so much in fact that I was AFK most of the time. Either, I got lucky and was put in a match with some of my guildies who are pro at GSF (I always queue solo) and it's a guaranteed win, or I'm put against a premade and it's a guaranteed defeat. In that case, I could self-destruct to make the game go faster but I find that unfair to my team; it's easier to just go to desktop, read the Internets and come back when the match is over.
At first, I was reluctant to go AFK, but once I calculated how many matches I'd need for a full T3->T4 upgrade, I never looked back; my raid group is more important to me than any fellow GSF players. I know you don't want to read this and I probably shouldn't be writing this, but it's the truth, GSF feels that horrible to me, and that's what players will do if they are forced to do what they don't like.

For the objective maps (the ones with the 3 satellites), I can see how my contributions help toward winning (even when I don't kill anyone I can keep a satellite neutral just by flying in circles), but for TDM, I have the following theory: Since my K:D ratio is always smaller than 1, I actually contribute more toward winning by being AFK than by being active. For example, say I play correctly, then I will likely die 10 times during the match and get maybe 1-2 kills. This will get the other team a 8-9 point advantage. If I just AFK, the other team gets a 0-1 point advantage. Yes, my team has a harder time in a 7v8 situation than in a 8v8, but not enough to get an additional 8 points to make up for my deaths.

So whatever you do, please DO NOT force players into GSF, your anti-AFK systems are not mature enough for that. If I am interested in doing GSF, I will queue whenever I am in the mood for it, not because I need tokens.
The issue is that there is just too much content. Now that I have full 248 gear, I will play my favorite content (flashpoints, operations, daily areas, GSI) and do non-gameplay things (dealing with guild issues since I'm an officer, helping out new players, decorating the guildship), and in the remaining ~30% of my playtime, I do other things (PvP, GSF, heroics, PvE space missions, chapters, etc.). So depending on how much I play during a week, I could do anywhere from no GSF to maybe 1-2 matches during the week. And then when I do queue voluntarily, I am in the mood for GSF and I enjoy participating, and of course I won't go AFK.
But when 5.2 launched and I had to do GSF (and PvP, which I hated only slightly less), it was horrible, and I hope that when T5 launches, I can get command tokens from operations or anything that is not PvP.

Some more specific feedback on what I don't like about GSF:
  • I always play on a scout, I refuse to play a different ship. When it comes to PvE, I'm an expert at my class and know every tidbit by heart, but in GSF, I consider myself a casual GSF player.
    That is a problem because by not using the BiS loadout, gunships can one-shot me, and I envy bombers that can just hide in a satellite and do nothing while their mines automatically kill me. But I'm a scout for life. So yes, the learning curve is too high. If there was a button to auto-select the BiS loadout, sure I'll click it, but if I have to put in time to figure it out myself, no sorry, I won't do it. And I am fully aware that I am the problem, and you as a developers cannot do much about it, but like I said, I don't care about GSF, and unless you dumb down GSF so much that everyone has the same ship, it will be too complex for me.
  • The second problem is that GSF was designed for more players than are currently in a queue. Not only does it take too long for matches too pop (compared to PvP invites), there also is usually only one match at a time on my server (T3-M4), and it is always a 8v8 since there is some new player in it.
    If there were 3-5 matches at once, the game would automatically separate good and bad players. (Though because I have so much requisition and bought upgrades for my ship, even if they're not the optimal ones, I will likely end up with the good players, so this won't help...)
    And no, forcing players into GSF (like you did with Galactic Commando) is the wrong solution, it only worsens the gameplay quality for everyone. One solution I could see is redesigning the maps so you need fewer players, how about 4v4 or 6v6 maps? I know this is more work than you intend for GSF, but it's the best solution IMO since you said cross-server is off the table. A server merge with the other German servers won't make much of a difference because VC and JKS are nearly dead, and don't even consider trying to merge us with English and French players, I want to play in German with German players only.

So as requested, this is my feedback on why I don't like GSF. Like I wrote, I am a casual GSF player so I am the right target group for this thread. TBH, I care so little about GSF that I'd never write in the GSF forums, I only wrote this since you asked for feedback.

Quote: Originally Posted by Rockula View Post
1) Matchmaking -- on Shadowlands, pub side always dominates. There's a group of hardcore pilots that are far and away better than anyone else. If you play Imp side, you will lose. Period. I'd like to see some sort of match making changes (either cross-faction or have tiers like PVP)
4) The hanger is character only. If I want to GSF, I have to do it on my GSF toon, even if I want to gain CXP on another toon.
Quoting for visibility. Yes, cross-faction should be added, it will shuffle the teams. It won't help against premades but it will improve the current matchmaking.
The hangar should have been legacy-wide from the beginning, there is no excuse for why it should be character-wide only. I realize it will be difficult to merge all characters' hangars into one legacy hangar now, but it should be done.