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Is the learning curve too steep to get into?

This is a tough question. In general, maybe. The lackluster tutorial and the fact that we don't have an area where we can practice outside of a match doesn't help. In the ground game, people can duel or beat up a dummy to test out their builds. We don't have that option, and we've been asking for that for a long time.

The single biggest change you could make that would help is to add some flytext or color change to indicate when:
You miss due to evasion/deflection/RNG.
Your damage is reduced because of damage reduction.

As it stands, new players don't realize why they're missing shots due to evasion, and that leads them to believe that the game is broken. Please find some way to provide this information via flytext. Adding some visual representation of satellite capture range would be nice as well.

It doesn't help that you start everyone with terrible components in each slot by default. We've been begging for you to change the default since launch. Rapid Fire Lasers are quite literally the worst weapon in the game and both the Novadive/Blackbolt and Starguard/Rycer start with it. Many of the other defaults are questionable at best. Would you like a detailed listing of starter components that probably lead to people quitting? The list is probably fairly long.

Is ship balance preventing you from playing?

No. The stealth class would be nice to shake things up a little bit, but in general I don't believe there is a problem with ship balance at this time. (Outside of, you know, Strike fighters. We're still waiting for those buffs you talked about two years ago.) There is a perceived problem with balance, certainly, but I don't believe that the numbers back it up. I've seen far too many very good scout players to believe that scouts are inherently weak even in TDM. There are of course some tweaks and changes that should be made (like double checking the tier 5 talent for ion railgun, for example: it's broken and what it does isn't what the tooltip says it does. The energy lockout is 100% rather than whatever the tooltip says it is, and that's huge.)

Related to the first question: there are several individual components that are very weak in the current meta, and almost all of them can be found as the default component on one or more ships. This adds to the perception of imbalance, especially coupled with the tutorial and in game info that explain very little about how the game works.

Also please buff strikes. Somehow. You asked about and admitted they needed it literally years ago now.

Are you not playing because you feel GSF needs something new to bring you back in?

I'm still playing, but new maps or game modes or something would be appreciated. I'm not sure I want you to adjust much in terms of balance, given your track record with balancing the ground game. But yes. New features, new game modes, new cosmetics.

Something to spend all of the extra ship req I can't use on anything would be great, too.

Matchmaking issues?

This I'm not sure about. I feel like matchmaker doesn't have a large enough player pool to work with, but it behaves oddly anyway. Sometimes it seems like it prioritizes trying to make a team of similar players first, then trying to match up two similar teams. Given that there are rarely enough players to make more than two teams, this is not the right approach. Is there a way to tweak that?

The fact that GSF is character based and not Legacy?

Leveling new alts is pretty easy now, but I would still love some way to transfer requisition via Legacy. I know I'm not alone. Maybe add tokens to let us do that on some vendor like the PVPers did for commendations for a while?

And can we please, PLEASE get collections unlocks for the Cartel Market ships?

Edit: I highly recommend also reading Despon's post in this thread.

Edit 2: I also recommend reading through my guide to see a lot of the mistakes and questions that new players make or come to me with. Every item in that guide is there because I see it a lot or get asked about it just as often.