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I'm super stoked to see this forum thread started up.
Here's my current list of concerns for GSF (in order):
1) Matchmaking -- on Shadowlands, pub side always dominates. There's a group of hardcore pilots that are far and away better than anyone else. If you play Imp side, you will lose. Period. I'd like to see some sort of match making changes (either cross-faction or have tiers like PVP)

2) Ship imbalance -- Strike Fighters are basically useless. Maxed out strike fighters still can get 2-shot, the same as a scout.

3) Learning curve -- I'll take responsibility for this to a point. I haven't looked at a lot of the guides; I've been trying to learn by playing. Unfortunately, there's not a good way in game to understand which upgrades to take or which crew members to use

4) The hanger is character only. If I want to GSF, I have to do it on my GSF toon, even if I want to gain CXP on another toon.

Hope this helps!
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