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Healing in this game, especially in PvP, needs some serious changes to make it attractive. I mean, look at the medals. Healers get absolutely SHAFTED in the medals department. We get what, one for a 2.5k+ heal and one for 75k and what else? Nothing. Meanwhile, DPS classes get one for a kill, one for solo kill, one for 10 kills, one for 20 kills, one for 75k damage, etc. Most matches as DPS you get 5+ without even trying. As a tank, you get 7+ just for keeping guard up on people.

As a healer I have abandon my chosen role and go on a killing spree mid-match just to get the same commendations as a tracer-missile-spamming moron.
I will take some time to get my DPS medals as well. Usually its in between heals, or when moving I'll throw DOTs, or when no one in range needs heals, but I always try to make sure I get a few of the DPS medals since they are a portion of valor/comm recieved.

As for healing needing a buff, maybe. I'm fairly happy with it, and will probably be more happy once i get full PvP gear, but operative/scoundrels and assassins/JS really do a number on me burst wise.