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Here are a few that have been updated recently but you'll get the idea at least of each theme.

DK - my assassins stronghold. it is a chamber of deception. the entry room is a facade to fool the Eternal Empire. it's really a kill room. past that you will find the bottom floor is alliance neutral. czerka corp runs the production facility and produces warbots to compliment your resistance efforts against the Eternal Empire. The upper level is more sith oriented and only the darkest are permitted - all others will perish if they pursue entry.

Nar Shadda - my warriors place. the entry is for bounty requisition and turn in. why scour the galaxy when u can pay ppl to hunt for you? the upper levels include medical, R&R and vault room. Lower levels include the Traders Market where the jawas trade for resources. don't get hustled. Last room is imperial command with live space battle.

Coruscant - Jedi theme. was going for elegance. this stronghold has recently gone under major renovations and is now very different - for the better. it is under a full jedi theme with rebel fighter pilots in the bay. regardless - you can see the theme idea in this video. the last 3 rooms in this video were conference rooms dedicated so each of the 3 factions could convene with a representative of the jedi order.

Anyway - maybe you guys can get some ideas and if youd like to see them in game for a tour just hollar. they have been updated and are actually nicer now :/