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All of OP's suggestions are solid. But assuming the absolute minimum commitment of dev resources...4x4 probably isn't happening.

Quote: Originally Posted by phalczen View Post
Arenas work very well for 4v4 because the scope of the playing area is small. I don't see 4v4 working in any of the current maps which are pretty "yuge."
Yeah. I'm picturing 4x4 gunship chess in Denon. All such matches would end by timer, with final scores averaging 5-3.

However, I don't see why we can't at least have a standard 8/12-man Denon TDM. The map already exists. Throw in some space junk, a sprinkling of power-ups. maybe alter the spawns a bit. Done and done.

Given the attention GSF has garnered via GC, I think it's earned at least a tiny bit of dev attention beyond the hangar. The free ships and cheaper upgrades are great, but let's see some actual gameplay changes.

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